Good communication is more than just choosing the right words. It’s very important to use the right channels that reflect your voice & views

Are you tired of hearing that you have to be on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.? Us, too. The reality is that you don’t have to be on all social media platforms, especially if you’re not particularly adept. For some people it feels natural to be everywhere. They can have conversations and none of the negative things seem to affect them. For those people, juggling different social media accounts works. But what about you?

Our main focus is to help you to find your voice and match your “personality” (or your company’s) with channels where your clients and/or potential clients are and to help you create content they will want to hear about.

We are “Data You” oriented.

Flexibility is key for your business. Having a goal is necessary, but blindly following a plan without checking its effectiveness can be a disaster. That’s why we are “Data You” oriented. That means that you are the center of our decisions. Our process is straightforward and simple:


First, we gather as much information about you and your business as we can. What are your goals? What are your resources? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your staff? This first phase is crucial because we tend to solve 90% of the issues in this phase. Most people confuse their goals and the means to achieve those goals.

Imagine a company wants to get more clients and wants to be more social. So, they decide that their goal is to get as many followers as possible. Not only that, they want to create as many channels as possible so they can distribute their messages faster. The problem with this approach is that there are assumptions that might bring the company the opposite of what it wants. For example, assuming that being social is the best or only way to get more clients, assuming that creating different channels will bring you more people, assuming that those people will turn into clients, etc.


Knowing what you want is crucial, but finding the right path is very challenging, and for that we have the second phase. In this phase, we analyze all the information we gathered from your business and develop a plan to get those results. That plan could include social media channels, content creation, Google Adwords…. After discussing it with you, we implement the plan.


In this final phase, we get the data from all the sources and gather as much information as possible from them. We examine many facets of the approaches taken. Which channels garnered the best results? Which ones didn’t? With that information, we can determine your new goals, and the new approach we will follow and we start the cycle again: gather information, implement a plan, get data, and so on and so forth.